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لفظ ٽائيپ ڪريو

سنڌي لئنگئيج اٿارٽيءَ جي آن لائين سنڌي لغات رٿا هيٺ ٺهيل پورٽل تي اوهان کي ڀليڪار چئجي ٿي. هن رٿا موجب اوهان سنڌيءَ مان انگريزي يا انگريزيءَ مان سنڌي لفظن جا متبادل لفظ، پهاڪا، چوڻيون، مهارتي اصطلاح ۽ خاص لفظ ڳولي گھربل مفهوم پڙهي سگھو ٿا. سنڌي ٻوليءَ جو هي پهريون پورٽل آهي، جنهن ۾ لڳ ڀڳ ٽن لکن لفظن کان مٿي جي ڄاڻ موجود آهي. هي سڄو لفظي ۽ اصطلاحي خزانو اصل ۾ سنڌي لئنگئيج اٿارٽيءَ جي شايع ڪيل ڌار ڌار ڊڪشنرين جو مجموعو آهي، اسان کي اميد ته هن پورٽل مان اوهان سٺو لاڀ حاصل ڪري سگھندا.

Welcome to the Online Portal of Sindhi English Thesaurus!
This is a Thesaurus developed by the Sindhi Language Authority where you can access Sindhi to English or English to Sindhi vocabulary, Sindhi proverbs and jargon of particular professions. This is the first Sindhi English portal where you can access more than 0.3 million words compiled from various dictionaries published by the SLA. We have also included the earliest Sindhi to English dictionary compiled by Capt. George Stack in 1854. In this portal, you can also explore all the 5 volumes of the famous “Jamai Lughat” compiled by Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch, which encompasses enormous thesaurus of the Sindhi language. The cutting edge program used in this portal allows the results to appear simultaneously while you type either in English or Sindhi. Other professional dictionaries that are merged in this portal are:
Dictionary of Haematology (Compiled by Prof. Rasheeda Bhatti)
Dictionary of Medical Science (Compiled by Dr. Ashique Hussain Badvi)
Dictionary of Geography (Compiled by Mr. Rizwan Gul)
Dictionary of International Affairs (Compiled by Mr. Inam Shaikh)
Dictionary of Print Technology: (Compiled by Mr. Ameen Laghari)
Dictionary of Commerce & Banking (Compiled by Mr. M Usman Memon)
English to Sindhi Dictionary (Compiled by Mr. M Hussain Memon)
Dictionary of Official Terms (Compiled by Mr. Khalid Azad)
A hand-book of Sindhi Idioms (Compiled by Mr. M. J. Shahni)

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کوهه کوٽيندڙ ، کُوهاڻو.

Let's Learn Sindhi

اڄ جو پهاڪو

وَڙن وارا هوندا،تن جا وَڙَ پيا ڳائبا.

وَڙُ = لڇڻ، ٿورو، سُلوڪُ، ڳُڻ. گُڻائتن ۽ وڙائتن ماڻهن جا گُڻ ۽ وڙ سندن وڃڻ کان پوءِ به پيا ڳائبا آهن. ان ڪري ته ماڻهو ته مري ٿو وڃي، پر ان جا گڻ ۽ چڱايون نٿيون مرن. مردن جون رڳو وڃي رهنديون ڳالهيون. انسانُ فاني آهي پر گُڻن وارا ماڻهو مرڻ کان پوءِ به زنده رهن ٿا، انهن جي چڱاين جون ڳالهيون پيون ورجائبيون آهن. مثال: ”چڱن جي چڱائي، پوءِ به پئي ڳائبي.“ (گلقند 80)

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SLA has developed online Sindhi Learning portal where non Sindhi speakers can easily learn Sindhi Language, which is developed from basic level to advance. This portal is based on Dr. Fahmida Hussain’s linguistic methodology of learning.

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SLA has developed virtual library where bulk amount of books in Sindhi Language’s history, learning, are posted as downloadable & online readable format. This library is developed for all platforms and systems for better access.

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For the Sindhi kids who are studying in primary schools, SLA has presented online academic songs extracted from their text books in musical structure. The soothing portal is ideal for Sindhi primary students.

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